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Smear him, attack him, ask him loaded questions designed to humiliate him on a National stage; just don't ask United States citizens to stop pledging their support to Donald Trump because it 'aint happening.

New poll numbers taken September 7th-10 by ABC NEWS/Washington Post show overwhelming support for the candidate who may go down as one of the greatest anti-establishment warriors in history. Trump has risen to 33 percent, with neuro-surgeon Ben Carson vaulting into second-place with 20.

Watching the mouth breathers in the mainstream media continue to be baffled by these numbers only proves how out of touch they are with the national public. Here's the ultra simple breakdown: Conservatives are tired of pre-packaged, life-long politicians parroting a party line that hasn't won them an election in 11 years. Trump's message resonates with the lifeblood of this country, with the people who want the establishment shaken to it's core. No longer will the silent majority stand by while these corrupt members of a dying society continue to tell us what we want to hear, then turn around and vote for what is in their own best interest. Here is a man who, despite the odds, continues to stand strong in the face of adversity – all in the name of making our country what it used to be. 

That is America. A group of people, determined to take their destiny in their own hands, overcoming amazing obstacles because they dared to believe that they could change the status quo. Our founders believed in freedom; at any cost. They fought and died for it. Is this what they died for? An administration that promotes divisiveness at every turn while making secret back deals with our enemies and embarrassing our allies? Old establishment talking heads telling us to remain calm while ISIS commits daily war crimes and Iran builds a nuclear weapon? That the 2nd amendment shouldn't apply to the majority of good people because of a minority of psychologically unstable ones? Do you think George Washington believed that someday the Supreme Court would order the removal of a Ten Commandments statue from statehouse grounds?



This isn't about Republican versus Democrat anymore. This is about one man standing strong in a hurricane of ridicule and scorn and bringing to light the uncomfortable truths about our great country that a dirty majority of politicians have been trying to hide for years. Which mainstream media channel was talking about border security before Trump blasted our 'leaders' for their failure to correct it? Who was talking about the horrible trade agreements signed into law with China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, etc. by Presidents' Clinton and Obama?

It's coming people. Wave after wave of attacks from both sides towards Donald Trump and his supporters as we get closer to an election that has major ramifications for the future of the United States. We will be called morons, and racists, and sexist, and every other possible insult the politically correct police can throw our way. But one thing we have learned about Trump: He will hold his head up proudly because his cause is just and he knows that those who believe in him ARE THE MAJORITY.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. – Twain, 1904


These words ring true all across America. When Trump first announced, his hardline but accurate stance on illegal immigration was met with the braying and teeth-gnashing of the loudest liberal media members. But now, many of those same people have opened the door for Trump, realizing that the power of his words resonate with the lifeblood of this country. We the working class are tired of a stagnant economy made worse by jobs being shipped overseas, and a ruling governance that seemingly cares more about global warming than a nuclear Iran.

We will not rest until Washington hears our message loud and clear. We will not stand by while bought-and-paid for community organizers run our country into the ground. We will show our support for the one candidate who can honestly say that he can't be bought. And who will not rest until this country is great again.


We will Stand By Trump.

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